Kindle Vella is Soft Launching Today

A detailed look at the program and how to adjust your marketing strategy

Hey there, Igniter!

Kindle Vella is soft launching today!

I’ve posted a detailed screenshot breakdown from the Kindle iOS app for those who don’t have an iPhone or iPad. Otherwise, you can start to see it on the website. Of course, you have to be in the US to do so, as it’s only open to US writers and readers for the moment.

See the screenshots here:

There does not appear to be much information on the reader side of things, but authors are checking for their stories now.

There is SO MUCH news firing rapidly with this soft launch rollout, so I’ll give your poor inbox a break and email at most once a day, and only for major updates (so not necessarily every day).

If you want to follow at the detail-by-detail level, I’ll also be posting over on Medium for medium-sized updates (no pun intended, haha). You can find me @monicaleonelle, and I’ll be posting in The Productive Novelist publication.

I will also share those friend links in the next emails I send from here, so you will not need to be a Medium subscriber to read.

It’s an exciting time, as well as a nerve-wracking time for many authors. Enjoy the launch as best as you can and be kind to one another. Remember, this is a brand new program and there is still plenty of time to be a successful early adopter, even if the soft launch isn’t moving in your direction at the moment. Readers are largely not on the app yet… so there is a lot of reordering that will happen in the next several weeks.

As you know, about half of this newsletter is paid and half is free. I’ve also written a TON about Kindle Vella, both paid and free, which you can review at And finally, if you’d like to become a paid subscriber, you can learn more about how to do so here: