What Authors Should Know About Their Rights When Serializing Their Content

Your intellectual property has value. Be sure you understand your rights.

The Next Web linked to one of my Medium articles today! I haven’t been a serious blogger since about 2011 (a whole decade ago?!), so while this type of thing used to happen more regularly to me, I was a little surprised to see it this morning.

Of course, as a writer I felt all misunderstood by them when I saw what they actually said about the article :) Again, I forgot that feeling…

The experience brought up a lot of good opportunity for me to get clear within myself about what I was trying to say about Kindle Vella, rights grabs, and the new world of publishing through fiction apps, so I wrote an article today to share that clarity.

This is going to be relevant to both Kindle Vella authors and authors who are interested in taking their work as wide as possible.

I’d love to know what you think! You can read it over on Medium:


Hope the Kindle Vella launch is treating you well and you’re having fun with it!



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