Going Exclusive With Fiction Serialization: Is it Worth It?

The pros and cons of joining Amazon’s new Kindle Vella serialization publishing platform.

Brace yourselves, friends: this newsletter is going to very ironically encounter an Amazon-heavy week of content.

I was very close to publishing the next post in my series about Book Sales Supercharged, which features the book Get Your Book Selling on Amazon. But then an interesting conversation took off in the Wide For the Win Facebook group (highly recommended resource) and it related to my post, so I had to write a whole second post addressing it.

And THEN, Kindle Vella happened today. So of course that took precedence over the two almost-finished articles I had already planned regarding Amazon.

While this is not what I planned to write or publish today, I wanted to get this out quickly since I believe it’s pretty big news in the independent publishing world.

Going Exclusive With Fiction Serialization: Is it Worth It?

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I’ll be back tomorrow or Thursday with the content planned for this week. In the meantime, I’d love to know what your thoughts are on Kindle Vella and if you plan on using it.

Monica Leonelle