Our Kickstarter Campaign Ends in a Few Hours

We did not expect to make $20k on a single book.

We're in the last few hours of our Kickstarter campaign, and I’m really excited to share some of the things we have learned through this campaign. I haven’t had time to write and post some of that info to this newsletter yet because we’ve just wrapped 20Books Vegas, where my co-author Russell and I had a combined 7 sessions where we were speaking. You can catch up on all our talks over on the 20Books Conference Youtube channel by searching our names, Monica Leonelle and/or Russell Nohelty. It’s all free to watch, and we’re talking about wide topics… stuff that is pretty aggressively wide, actually!

About this Kickstarter: I'm blown away by what we've created. Over 500 backers, over $20,000 raised. That may sound like a lot or a little to you—but I can tell you, $20k on a single nonfiction book is really, really high. We were even featured as the Kickstarter publishing project of the day—it’s that notable!

We think it’s cool because it means anyone can do it too. If you want to know how to do the same (or better!) for your projects, you might be interested in our book, Get Your Book Selling on Kickstarter.

You can back the campaign at KickstartYourNovel.com.

We are NOT going to hit our final stretch goals. They were lofty—600 backers for a Plan Your Launch workbook and $25,000 for our audiobook. HOWEVER, I've decided that since we hit $20k, I'm going to create the workbook anyway for the $50 tier and above. And I also decided that although we're not at a level where Russell and I can read the audiobook, we will try to make an interim AI-read version using Google Play Books for the $50 tier and above, until we have the time and energy to record a regular version!

Finally, not everyone knows, but if you missed any of the deadlines, you can get all 7 backer perk 2-hour workshops when you back at $100 or more. They are otherwise $97 each.

A few notable reward tiers that I personally love on this Kickstarter:

  • The book at $10 (digital) or $25 (paperback) - We've signed 300 book templates for our paperback backers and we're so excited to deliver this cool book to you. It's probably over 300 pages and we've added several cool chapters. If you're Kickstarter-curious (and anyone who is serious about this business probably would be) then you'll enjoy this read!

  • The "Sprint With Us" tiers at $100 and $200 - We are both launching fiction Kickstarters in January and you can follow along and plan your Kickstarter side by side with us ($100 level). We'll review your content and help you get your Kickstarter set up from December to February 2022. If you want to continue with us after the Kickstarter sprint, we are doing a wide marketing sprint from February to June 2022 ($200 level) that goes through all of the major ebook platforms—Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Kindle Vella, Radish, Patreon, and Substack. There are about 40 people in these sprints and several really successful authors who are already killing it!

You can back the campaign at KickstartYourNovel.com.

Let me know if you have any questions! The campaign ends in a few hours and tomorrow I'll be starting to fulfill it and switching to fiction.

It's been a wild ride. Thanks for hanging out with me through the campaign!


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